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Graham's Port, 1966

Vintage Port

Graham's is a great port house, producing one of the deepest-coloured and sweetest styles of vintage port. Along with Taylor's and Fonseca, Graham's has probably been the most consistent producer of great port in the post- World War II era. Their vintage ports are truly sublime and sumptuous. The 1966 is full, vigorous, rich and classy on the palate. Not too sweet. This is a big concentrated, very fine example. Bags of life ahead of it.

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Grappa, 1966

Vecio Friul - Riserva Ducale

75cl - 44° alc.
Aged in prestigious Oak barrels.
Distilled from pomace – the leftover grape skins, seeds, stalks and pulp from the wine press – grappa was invented by frugal Italian wine producers keen to extract the last drop of value from their grapes.

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Irroy, 1966

Rosè, Champagne

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J.P.O Madeira, 1966

Malvasia Reserva Madeira, Garrafeira Particular

A very rare Madeira, the J.P.O displays an intensely rich nose and a full mouthful of raisins and caramel, a long powerful finish and finely balanced acidity belying its relative youth. Showing incredible concentration but also a degree of finesse.

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Janneau , 1966

Armagnac 1966 Vintage

The 1966 Janneau Armanac is the expression of a single year and has a unique character associated with the year and the cask in which it has been stored. These vintages are bottled at the alcohol level in which they naturally come out of the cask. There is a wonderful contrast between the sweet and sour flavours of wood, amplified by the strong alcoholic degree. Rich palate feeling the alcohol and the concentration of dry plums, spicy with persistent flavour of rancio and of spices, but round, soft and long in the finish. The tannins are very present, but full-bodied and round.

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Leacock, 1966


John Leacock sailed to Madeira from the United Kingdom (after the death of his father) in 1741 and at the age of 15 became the youngest apprentice at the firm of Madeira merchants, Catanach and Murdoch staying until his contract expired on 11 March 1749. During his apprenticeship he had been in constant contact with an old school friend, John Patient, residing at that time in Charles Town, South Carolina who suggested that they themselves should commence trading. Leacock agreed and this marks the birth of the now world famous company. Bottled in 1994 after 28 years in cask, this totally unique vintage Madeira is sweet, though markedly less so than Malmsey Madeira.

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Mendiz port , 1966

Colheita Port

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Merlot, 1966

Cantina Deroà - Riserva

Merlot can also produce a delightful and intriguing pure varietal wine. While Merlot has a long history of use as a blending wine, pure Merlot wines have been relatively slow in gaining momentum in Italy. That too has changed and today some of the world’s best Merlot wines bear Italian labels. The Trentino wine is from well-positioned and carefully maintained hillside vineyards near the city of Trento in northeastern Italy.

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Passetoutgrain, 1966

Charles Viennot

Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains is an Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) for wine from the region of Burgundy in France. Most Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains, which is sometimes written unhyphenated as Bourgogne Passetoutgrains, is red although rosé wine may also be produced. Unlike other Burgundy wines, which are primarily produced from a single grape variety, Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains is an essentially a cuvée of Gamay and Pinot noir.

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Quinta do Noval Nacional , 1966

Vintage Port

Warm, complex nose with a hint of herb and medicine, as well as some floral notes. Soft, mellow palate with liquorice and old furniture. Beautifully complex: warm, soft and intense. 93/100

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