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Rosso del Roccolo, 1966

Il Casale – Tenuta del Duca Denari – Riserva

A lovely, full-bodied wine with black fruits and figs to the palate, and some hints too of lquorice and raisins. Chocolate, walnut and some earthy tones are also present on the nose. This is an enjoyable wine with a moderate finish.

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Sandeman Vintage Port, 1966

Vintage Port

A superb port from a classic vintage. The medium garnet colour has held up quite well with some bricking on the rim, but otherwise this wine is still showing youth and it has the backbone for a long life ahead. Complex layers of cocoa and spice with excellent balance and the velvety mouth- feel that gains extra credit.

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Spanna, 1966

F.lli Francoli

Spanna has often been cited by wine experts as one of Italy’s greatest ageing wines. Spanna’s longevity can be attributed, at least in part, to the addition of smaller amounts of less tannic, more acidic grape varieties. Tasting notes: The nose opens up beautifully after about an hour and the wine has gorgeous ripe and sweet fruit, nice acidity, and perfectly softened tannins.

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Taittinger , 1966

Comte de Champagne, Champagne

Amongst Champagne's luxury cuveés and super-premium labels, Taittinger's wines live on one extreme end of the style spectrum. While many top Champagnes can be quite difficult to approach in their youth, with laser-like focus and delineation, even austerity, Taittinger instead tends to be immediately open and welcoming. These are beautiful, delicious Champagnes, with bubbles lazily winding their way up to the surface, inviting you to take another sip.

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Vernaccia Di Oristano, 1966

Sella and Mosca

Vernaccia di Oristano is a sherry-like fortified wine from Sardinia. In August 1971, it became Sardinia's very first wine to be granted an official DOC.

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Vino del Nonno, 1966

F.lli Fornara

Red and shiny , floral and fruity bouquet , with fine and refreshing sweetness.

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Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano, 1966

Cantina del Redi

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is usually maroon-red in color and takes on a subtle brick-orange tint over time. It is characterized by its dark cherry and rich plum aromas, ripe strawberry and cherry fruit flavors, and a gently tannic 'tea-leaf' finish. It is also known for its medium body, firm tannins, and for the acidity which makes it a particularly age-worthy wine (well-made examples improve gracefully over one or two decades). Some have described the wine as having the perfume of Chianti Classico with the richness of Brunello di Montalcino.

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Warre's Vintage Port, 1966

Vintage Port

The Warre 1966 has a unique mineral-scented character that gives the port its own complexity and style.

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Baron de Sigognac, 1966

Armagnac (Comes in original Sigognac Box as illustrated)

The company behind this Armagnac owns one of the most important stocks of old vintages in the whole region. They are growers as well as distillers and specialise in sourcing and ageing old casks of Armagnac.

The Armagnac is made from a blend of Baco and Ugni Blanc, the predominant grapes used in the production of Armagnac. The distillation takes place in a column still to an alcohol strength of about 54%. The spirit is then aged in local black oak casks. The alcohol content then reduces naturally to about 40% after about forty years.

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Chateau Angelus, 1966

St Emilion Grand Cru Classe

This wine from 1966 is light tawny in colour. The nose yields an incredible array of aromas - dried leaves, forest floor, and a meaty component. The palate yields the forest floor, dried tobacco, scorched earth. . Although the fruit has faded and there ss no noticeable structure remaining, it still is a wonderfully complex wine.

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